Apple’s expected foray into the metaverse already feels like a last-chance saloon for the virtual-reality concept.

If Apple, with its huge installed customer base, range of apps, variety of platforms, and track record for must-buy products, can’t make the metaverse a success, who can?

The tech giant is expected to unveil a virtual-and-augmented-reality headset at its Worldwide Developers Conference, which begins Monday. Of course, it could just be a hedge against the concept actually being the next big thing—and therefore enabling it to compete with Meta Platforms, which had to retrench after going too big too fast.

An Apple product launch is always thrilling for investors but there’s one thing the market is more excited about—AI.

Apple stock has climbed around 40% so far this year and was on track early Monday to surpass its record closing high. And that’s without the company so much as mentioning artificial intelligence recently.

Amid all the hype, the technology giant has remained silent—as if biding its time before a mic-drop moment. The conference would be as good a time as any to unveil an AI strategy, and catapult the stock even higher in the process.


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