Digital marketing is poised to transform into an immersive, 3D experience thanks to the metaverse. Now is the time to prepare and brainstorm approaches to marketing in this evolving medium. Let’s break down the metaverse and how marketers can use it to keep their brands relevant.

Marketing Keeps Evolving

The digital world has been rapidly evolving since its inception. Consider this: 

Marketing transformed at each step. Businesses figured out they needed websites shortly after the internet gained traction. Social media marketing became essential to driving traffic and sales. Mobile-first development took off as more users engaged on mobile devices instead of desktops.

The next step is here with virtual reality and augmented reality technologies. I witnessed firsthand its early growth and applications in the commercial real estate industry, where it changed the way people engaged with and transacted all forms of real estate.

Chances are you’ve used VR/AR technologies even if you don’t own a VR headset. EMarketer has predicted that 64 million people in the U.S. will use VR once a month this year, and 101.6 million will use AR. If you’ve previewed what new furniture would look like in your space, virtually tried on an outfit or used a filter in Snapchat, you’ve used AR tech.


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