By 2026, around 25% of the world’s population will spend at least one hour a day on the metaverse, according to tech consultancy, Gartner. This raises the question of exactly how this will affect our everyday lives, especially the types of jobs the metaverse may create. In just three months, the number of metaverse vacancies has grown fivefold and these are some of the key roles being created.

VR/AR software engineers

A crucial role within the metaverse is the software engineers behind it. This role involves working with advanced technology to create interactive experiences on various platforms. Therefore, a coding background is required.

Several well-known companies are already offering vacancies for VR/AR software engineers. Ikea and Amazon are using AR to give customers an idea of how certain products will look on them or in their homes.

Metaverse cybersecurity 

Just like security threats to the internet, the metaverse will experience various threats and is particularly vulnerable to data leaks, cyberattacks, and data theft. To ensure the metaverse is a safe space, new levels of security will be needed. This will come in the form of metaverse cybersecurity. Jobseekers for this role will need a background in cybersecurity and programming.

Virtual tour guide

As the metaverse is a completely new environment, first-time visitors will need tour guides. These roles will require staff to guide, advise, and host guests around various spaces within the metaverse. Virtual tour guides don’t require experience as such, but they will need to have extensive knowledge of the spaces.


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