The metaverse and its new version of the internet—the way we will all share an immersive 3D virtual space, using headsets or other technology—is redefining how we might travel and 2023 will be the start of a big decade for metaverse investment.

Whether it’s before you go away, at the travel agent, or maybe it’s checking in your luggage or navigating the airport, companies are leaning into the metaverse to aid and enrich the travel experience.

Before Booking

Imagine that you’re thinking about taking a holiday but aren’t sure where to go. Many pundits predict that travel agents will start offering online virtual experiences so that travelers can test destinations in the metaverse, a sort of ‘try before you buy.’

By using Virtual Reality headsets, travelers could wander through the cityscapes of Asia, experience the rush of bombing down a ski slope or marvel at the big five game animals on a safari.

During Travel

SITA, an IT provider for the air transport industry, predicts that metaverse operations will be one of the defining trends over the next decade for airports—they will become increasingly automated places, using metaverse operations that will optimize processes that take place all over the airport, allowing things to run seamlessly.


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