Shopping malls have now become a central meeting place and hub of important social interactions between people of different backgrounds and age groups. Now imagine your weekly trip to a mall is replaced with a virtual mall in the metaverse where you can spend hours, meet your friends and interact with them at a cafe in real-time without bothering about booking a cab or getting out of home. A virtual mall is coming soon and it’s becoming a reality, courtesy of metaverse real estate seller Metamall.

“It’s between the physical mall and traditional e-commerce,” Serge Gianchandani, co-founder of Metamall, simplified what he means by a virtual mall in the metaverse. Gianchandani said the idea is to combine what you see on an e-commerce shopping site with a better visual experience, where users can enter a mall in virtual reality and interact with real people.

“It will be more progressive,” Gianchandani told when asked about what would be the physiological impact on consumers when they enter a mall in a virtual space over a local mall they are already familiar with.


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