Metaverse– The latest obsession in science and technology. In just these last few years alone, the World has significantly changed. Metaverse is the World beyond, i.e., virtual reality. It is the hypothesis of the next generation of the internet, a collection of interconnected systems or Worlds. These mixed reality worlds can be accessed through a browser or an output device like a headset or VR glasses. This allows people to have experience with those scattered across thousands of miles. 

Big companies are the spearhead of the Metaverse; they have created substantial game studios and robust engines, resulting in huge turnovers. The trade for NFTs is exceptionally vast, ranging from as little as a few hundred dollars to millions. Emerging digital decentralized lands, NFT digital elements, and lands representing fragmented parts of the earth constitute these trades. Users are given complete ownership (The assets are allowed to be traded on third-party marketplaces), which is only the beginning. 

Various brands from all over the World are looking to open their outlets in Metaverse. 

The Virtualand Tech is a new innovative cross-chain 3D metaverse. This programmable Metaverse is built on Ethereum and Polygon, which aims to collaborate with some of the best projects and platforms in the blockchain world. 

EcoSmart is the first ecosystem based on Multi Blockchain Smart Contract. Together with Virtualand Tech, a state-of-the-art programmable 3D Metaverse has been introduced.

The future is Metaverse. It will infiltrate every field in the coming years, culminating in a market opportunity worth more than $1 trillion in annual revenues. Its main goal is to provide a shared environment and economy for all people, irrespective of the distance between them. It will, quite successfully, completely change how one learns and earn things and how one manages to stay connected to one another. 


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