Apecoin is all set to rule the metaverse and takeover major cryptocurrencies in the market

The metaverse is the new digital reality that combines the various aspects of social media, online gambling, augmented reality, cryptocurrencies, blockchain, and cryptocurrency. The metaverse is expected to become a trillion-dollar business industry, involving several industries, and day-to-day tasks. The next replacement of the internet, i.e., metaverse, is as expected will be the convergence of all that constitutes the major sections of our society.

Quite similarly, the cryptocurrency market is an important part of our lives and makes up for a crucial part of the metaverse. Metaverse users can use digital assets for trading, shopping, and paying in those virtual worlds. Among all major cryptocurrencies, Apecoin is making special strides in the metaverse domain. The cryptocurrency rose almost 38%, based on rumors that stated the Bored Ape Yacht Club is entering the metaverse domain. This is a major step for the BAYC NFT collection after the recent controversies revolving around its legal cases. 

 Over the past couple of weeks, Apecoin, the very own cryptocurrency of the Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT collection has been making the headlines in some of the major news publications due to its famously pricey NFT tokens. The cryptocurrency was created by Yuga Labs, the company stewarding the intellectual property behind the BAYC collection. The company is producing coordinated marketing campaigns to attract more investors for Apecoin and for its NFT collection. The firm’s public relations team indicates that Apecoin is actually the product of ApeCoin DAO, a brand new organizational unit governed completely by the token holders. Recently, the firm’s efforts to extend the approach of Apecoin have extended its wings to the emerging tech domain, the metaverse. Yuga Labs is also reportedly collaborating with other game studios to make this metaverse project a major success. 

The Rising Market Value of Apecoin 

According to coinmarketcap, at the time of writing this article, Apecoin is standing at a market value of US$16.61. On April 23, the crypto reached its all-time highs for the week, revolving at around US$18. Experts believe that the APE token will soon breach the US$20 resistance, within a matter of a few months and will trend among the largest cryptocurrencies in the market. Since Yuga Labs declared its efforts to enter the metaverse, its value spiked exponentially. Since BAYC has been highly influential in introducing a cultural change and nonfungible token adoption,

Apecoin is expected to witness a major hike in value. If APE successfully stirs its position both in the metaverse and the NFT marketplace, the crypto might reach US$30 by the first quarter of 2030. 

How can we use Apecoin in the metaverse?

Just like any other cryptocurrency operating in the metaverse, APE will serve to be an upcoming payment method for the new metaverse platform, MetaRPG. Apecoin basically runs on the Ethereum blockchain and, as we know, developed to capitalize efficiently on the BAYC popularity, to be used within the rapidly expanding APE ecosystem. The APE token creators claim that the ApeCoin project will be a tool to advance and implement gaming, entertainment, working, events, and more within the metaverse. 

 Apecoin is unique because the crypto’s ecosystem allows the token holders to participate in the Apecoin DAO and also gives its participants a shared and open current that can be used without any third-party intermediaries. The crypto also gives access to certain parts of the ecosystem that are otherwise unavailable. 

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