No big marriage halls. No long queues in dining rooms. No large crowds bumping into each other. And no colossal discussions between families.

With all the fanfare but without the fuss, Jagananandhini and Dinesh Siva got married on February 6, 2022, near Krishnagiri district, which is around 250 kilometers (155 miles) from Tamil Nadu’s state capital Chennai.

But this couple’s nuptials were like no other ⁠— they hosted their wedding reception in the metaverse. COVID restrictions and a love of digital technology inspired them to take this step.

Facebook is also branching out into the metaverse, calling it “the next evolution of social connection.”

Metaverse combines multiple elements of technology, such as virtual reality, where users can feel alive inside a digital world. It is being considered as a long-term solution in big business, but can it also enter other spheres of daily life? Some in India certainly think so, but others think it is just be a passing fad that will slowly fade away once the COVID pandemic is over.

Transcending time and space

Jagananandhini and Dinesh Siva claim their wedding, which had a Harry Potter Hogwarts theme, was Asia’s first metaverse marriage celebration. They even managed to ensure that the bride’s father, who died last year, was able to attend — by creating A 3D avatar of him.

Jagananandhini says she was grateful that her late father could play a part in her wedding.


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