The metaverse is having its Wild West moment. Facebook has renamed itself Meta and is promising to create a virtual world for the masses. Microsoft is building Microsoft Mesh, its own version of that world for enterprise. The chipmaker Nvidia has its Omniverse, a platform for collaborative 3D design. And the virtual landscapes of Roblox and Epic Games are already the online home for hundreds of millions of gamers worldwide.

But it’s not just technology companies who want to define this alternate reality. For professional services firm EY (Ernst & Young Global Limited), knowing that their clients rely on them to understand what is changing about how people live and work means jumping into the metaverse themselves.

Since June of 2021, a team at EY called the Cognitive Human Enterprise has been building a virtual world with a motivation very different than the tech giants. Their aim is to apply the full diversity of human imagination to make that virtual world, called the EYVerse, as generous and welcoming as possible.


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