Web3, the metaverse, blockchain, crypto and decentralization are among the year’s biggest tech buzzwords. Skeptics say that the decentralized future of the internet is a dystopian fantasy bound to be shut down by regulators before it comes to fruition. Others say that Web3 will revolutionize the way people and businesses act online—eradicating corporate corruption along the way. The truth, I believe, lies somewhere in the middle, but the next iteration of the internet is closer than we think.

We have already seen major brands stake their claim in the metaverse—offering digital shopping experiences and imploring patrons to become digital ambassadors. Forward-thinking business leaders should consider how Web3 and the metaverse will change the way they think about customer engagement, personalization and sales. But before that, it is more important to know who will help your company create its Web3 infrastructure.

Source: https://www.forbes.com/sites/forbestechcouncil/2022/08/09/best-practices-for-hiring-in-the-metaverse/?sh=2afd59e86842

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