The tallest building in the world is now in the metaverse, a detailed digital twin of the Burj Khalifa is available on the metaverse, designed to give users the full experience. Individuals can move around the building and experience 360-degree views of Dubai.

Launched by Eventcombo, the experience does not require headsets, gloves or any other VR hardware. It is accessible with a regular device and a keyboard.

The demonstration video shows virtual avatars, walking around different areas of the building, individuals can also go up the elevators and walk around the corridors before entering the viewing deck, offering replicated views of the city.

“While the pandemic forced the world into isolation, it also led to advancement and accelerated adoption of the metaverse. Although digital has become the new normal, the metaverse is facilitating physical and real-world like interactions in digital spaces, to elevate experiences and bridge the real and virtual worlds,” explained Eventcombo.


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