The Cardano-powered Pavia metaverse launched its live event, inviting members of the community to show what a virtual world of the future built on their favorite blockchain would look like. Judging from the feedback, the project was highly appreciated by participants, and the event was a success. Overall, looking at the screenshots, this does not seem surprising.  The metaverse from Pavia, even in its current non-final version, seems quite elaborate, with plenty of locations and customization options. As Pavia’s CEO himself said, all talk of Cardano being a ghost chain was smashed today.

If you compare the presented project with something already familiar, you could say that it resembles a remastered version of Half Life, the most popular game of the 2000s, where the action takes place in the future. According to the updated project roadmap, the past live event concludes its fifth phase. The next phase in Pavia’s life should begin in the first quarter of 2023, when new areas in the metaverse will be unlocked, an updated project builder tool will be released and its own launchpad will be unveiled.


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