Cyber Gallops is a horse racing-centric metaverse that looks to replicate the dynamics of real-life horse racing in the metaverse. In the latest expansion, the company has launched new facilities to cater to the needs of horse racing enthusiasts. 

The newly developed feature by Cyber Gallops includes:

  1. Racing: Cyber Gallops enables its users to race their desired thoroughbreds and greyhounds through various kinds of races and racecourses and stand to earn $Gallop and $Pace.
  2. Breeding: People can breed new NFT horses in stables with Male and Female horses. Male horses earn breeding fees in $Gallop while Female horses keep the newly minted NFT horse.
  3. Trading: Intending users can trade their NFT horses and other digital assets on Cyber Gallop’s in-house NFT marketplace.
  4. Building: Cyber Gallops allow holders to buy land and building materials to build their stables (for breeding) and racecourses. Through Cyber Gallop’s services, people can host their races on their racecourse and earn $Pace.

Cyber Gallops provides a unique game of skill for breeding, training, and racing, making Cyber Gallops immersive and exciting. In Cyber Gallops, there are various types of lands, such as Trackland, where owners can build racing tracks with custom designs and racing rules; Farmland, for breeding; and Commercial land, for unique partnerships with other brands. The revenue generated from these operations to sponsor prize pools in races increases the attractiveness and sustainability of Cyber Gallops’ win-to-earn model. Henry, Founder of Cyber Gallops, said, 

“It’s a win-win, just like horse racing in the real world, prize pools are subsidized by the tax on the betting pool of each race, making horse ownership and racing attractive, encouraging better quality and more racing, which benefits Cyber Gallops.”

Game mechanics in the Cyber Gallops Metaverse are intended to be realistic and reflect real-life horse and greyhound racing. From the racing class structure through breeding, training, and financial economics. In Cyber Gallops, each player is represented by an avatar. With this avatar, players can travel and explore the Cyber Gallops Metaverse on their horses, perform missions, visit stables and racetracks, and earn $PACE.

Additionally, the potential and advantages of metaverse racing vastly outnumber conventional racing and its constraints, thanks to advancements in blockchain technology, NFT integration, and well-thought-out tokenomics. Attributes, ratings, and statistics are transparent, and a luck component determined by an on-chain random number generator ensures that racing and race outcomes are all fair and enjoyable.

All in-game assets are NFTs that may be traded on Cyber Gallops’ marketplace, such as avatars, horses, greyhounds, land, equipment, materials, vitamins, and medicine. If the NFT is stored in a linked wallet, the player may access it as part of their in-game inventory.


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