DOUGLAS, Isle of Man–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Eros Investments, a leading Global Media, Entertainment & Technology portfolio of ventures, announced the launch of IMMERSO, its much-awaited Metaverse project. IMMERSO is a unique virtual universe inspired by ancient mythology, imagined through the lens of pre-historic sci-fi, adventure and fantasy. It is an expansive universe filled with 14 realms (Lokas) scalable through planets across each realm. IMMERSO offers a unique multi-user experience, where decentralized interactions will help build communities to pave the way for virtual socialization, entertainment, and commerce. IMMERSO is embodied with mystery, wisdom, and advanced technologies where users can play, create and dream like never before. IMMERSO’s economics will be driven by ‘in-world virtual currency’ called $IMSO. IMMERSO users can create avatars to represent themselves, play games, engage in social activities and much more. Furthermore, digital assets within IMMERSO will be tokenized as NFTs that can be created and traded with other users.


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