This phrase from the early days of the pandemic—when lockdowns and restrictions accelerated the individuals’ and brands’ adoption of the metaverse—really defines the core of the immersive experiences technology enables by technology. (Also read: Immersive Graphical Displays of Information: How Mixed Reality Technology is Changing the Game.)

Exploring the metaverse is not just about entering into—or even building—your own world; it’s about sharing that experience with others in real time. Those who enter another realm in the form of an avatar are not merely playing in a computer program; they are interacting with others in the same virtual space.

That capability enables real-time games involving many players scattered around the globe. But beyond that, it opens the possibility of vast of human interactions which make the metaverse function as a meeting place and as a marketplace without boundaries.

The possibilities, truly, are endless.

However, at present, the metaverse is not a single entity—or even defined by a standard type of virtual experience. Rather, it encompasses a collection of brave new worlds on different platforms that each operate in their own way rather than merging seamlessly together.


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