As the Philippines’ leading digital solutions platform, Globe has delivered many pioneering innovations in the digital space to empower Filipinos and drive inclusive growth.

This year, it marked another milestone: Globe is the first telco and digital solutions platform to bring Filipinos to the metaverse.

Through its own platform Virtual Hangouts and partnerships with global metaverse pioneers, Globe lets customers explore limitless possibilities and enjoy life-changing experiences, especially in the areas of entertainment, arts, and livelihood.

“We believe that innovation is meaningful if it can uplift the lives of Filipinos. We see the metaverse as an opportunity for Filipinos to take part in a vibrant digital economy so they can have greater control over their lives. They can live, play and earn without boundaries through the metaverse,” said Pia Gonzalez-Colby, Globe Chief Marketing Officer.

Launched in September, Globe’s VH Metaverse is the first metaverse platform that delivers a “phygital” experience, bringing together the physical and digital worlds to give customers a whole new way to interact with their favorite communities powered by Globe. It allows users to create their avatars, chat with each other, make video calls, and participate in interactive activities within the portal.


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