Gucci, an Italian fashion and leather goods brand, is now hosting its own metaverse experience in The Sandbox. The fashion house is the first major luxury brand to build a digital world in the metaverse platform.

Gucci’s experience will feature “Gucci Vault Land,” an experimental space where users will go on a journey through the fashion brand’s history through games and NFTs.

Millions of people all over the world are already joining the metaverse, an interconnected, immersive, persistent digital environment. Gucci’s new initiative is part of a larger trend of major brands wanting to capitalize on the opportunity to boost the sale of physical goods and sell virtual versions of their products to metaverse users.

Investment bank Morgan Stanley has predicted that digital fashion could increase the industry’s sales by $50 billion by the year 2030.

Exploring Gucci Vault Land

Gucci has a history of being a groundbreaking brand on the cutting edge of metaverse and Web3 technologies. In May 2021, Gucci became the first luxury brand to launch an NFT, and they launched the Gucci Garden experience on Roblox in the same month. The digital Gucci Garden — an immersive multimedia experience set in Florence, Italy that celebrated the fashion house’s creative vision — was visited by over 20 million users.


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