First NFT Collection Landed Record Number Sales

In the first round of the invite-only pre-sale, over 100 available buildings NFTS were sold. It attracts multiple shopping malls, real estate developers, retail brands, celebrities and artists who are now a part of AiR’s growing portfolio, despite the recent poor performance of the crypto and NFT market. BBB (BullBullBear), a local NFT brand, put in an offer of over 1 million Hong Kong Dollars for the virtual space of Central Harbourfront Event Space, where they are considering holding a virtual carnival. AiR users will have access to all kinds of games with digital and physical rewards to win. BBB also successfully resold another building NFT to a local enterprise with triple the original value. It marked the first secondary transaction of any AiR building NFTs. Currently, Zenecom International Group Limited, the largest property NFT holder in AiR, has acquired over 30 virtual buildings for a record of several million Hong Kong Dollars, including numerous virtual properties along Canton Road. Zenecom will gamify their product promotions, e-commerce and customer experiences through these virtual properties to build a Web3 network for their business units within the group.

Many real estate developers have expressed keen interest in the concept of AiR virtual buildings. Kai Long Group, which owns the property right of Hennessy Road 333, collaborates with AiR to not only tokenize the physical property into a building NFT, but also fragmentize the NFT into Unit NFTs. The fragmented tokens are given to property owners as “Utility tokens” for a possible upcoming DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization). Terence Chow, CEO of Air World Limited expressed that, “We were surprised by the sales of the buildings NFTs. Within a week, we recorded a total sale of over 4 million Hong Kong Dollars. Every NFT was sold in the second week of the private sale. We slowed down the sale of building NFTs because we did not aim for a short-term profit. We are going to launch Utility NFTs in the long run. Soon, we will announce AiR Citizen NFTs, which will carry out game plays and move into virtual buildings for Play-to-Earn”.


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