Hong Kong fund manager, CSOP Asset Management, has announced the debut of the CSOP Metaverse Concept ETF, the first of its kind in Hong Kong.

The actively managed fund started trading on 21 February.

“The metaverse represents the beginning of a brand new era, in which a parallel new world will be created. As the latest and one of the most important members of the CSOP thematic ETF series, CSOP Metaverse Concept ETF is our attempt at something new and futuristic,” said Melody He, deputy CEO.

The so-called “metaverse” refers to shared three-dimensional virtual worlds that enable highly immersive virtual collaborations and interactions between large volumes of concurrent users. The metaverse will also combine physical spaces, two-dimensional Internet experiences with virtual reality and augmented reality technologies.

Source: https://fundselectorasia.com/hong-kong-lists-first-metaverse-etf/

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