A new app is helping people find their true-to-life style and identity in the metaverse, where fantastical fashion has taken a front seat, as brands look to figure out how to connect with customers in virtual worlds.

Idoru, now in private beta, addresses the desire for “realism” through both fashion and personal identity, creating a more familiar and desirable format for the fashion community which has, at times, lamented the often-rudimentary look of metaverse design. It’s also a welcoming forum for people who might have found previous avatar-creation tools limiting. Past studies on avatars and identity have shown that, while a majority of people want to be able to represent their real-life identities in their digital avatars, customisation options are limiting. Users have been calling for more diverse skin tone, hair style, body size and clothing options. Idoru aims to meet those demands.

Source: https://www.voguebusiness.com/technology/in-the-fantastical-metaverse-fashion-still-craves-realism

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