Some Organizations Are Building Metaverse Without Blockchain

Metaverse, the revolutionary concept that was initially given spark by a novel by Neal Stephenson, titled “Snow Crash’ back in 1992. Since then, folks have admired it, and tech giants have pledged to develop it.

Best depiction, apart from Snow Crash, was depicted in the Steven Speilberg movie Ready Player One, adopted from a novel of the same name. And people really want the metaverse to be like that.

When people think about the metaverse, they also think about the blockchain technology, as it is believed to be the groundbreaking tech which primarily supports the metaverse.

But here’s the thing, metaverse can be developed without the blockchain technology, in fact, the top two contenders in this race, Apple and Meta, do not use blockchain. So, undoubtedly, the digital realm can be built without this groundbreaker.

Blockchain technology allows the users ownership of assets. In the metaverse, without this tech, centralized authorities owning the metaverse will have complete ownership over the assets of the users.


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