Building state-of-the-art factories requires a state-of-the art planning system.

Mercedes-Benz is taking the next step in digitizing its production process, using the Nvidia Omniverse platform to design and plan manufacturing and assembly facilities.

By tapping into Nvidia AI and metaverse technologies, the automaker can create feedback loops to reduce waste, decrease energy consumption and continuously enhance quality.

Mercedes-Benz has been working with Nvidia to develop software-defined vehicles. Its upcoming fleets will be built on Nvidia Drive Orin centralized compute, with intelligent driving capabilities tested and validated in the Nvidia Drive Sim platform, built on Omniverse.

The automaker’s latest announcement infuses AI and metaverse technologies even further into the Mercedes-Benz development process with smarter, more efficient manufacturing.

Vehicle production is a colossal undertaking that requires thousands of parts and workers moving in harmony. Any supply chain or production issues can lead to costly delays.

On top of that, when automakers roll out a new model, they must reconfigure the layout of production plants to account for the new vehicle design. This process can take significant portions of the factory offline, pausing manufacturing for existing vehicles.


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