The metaverse is a hot topic in the Korean medical community.

In the wake of Covid-19’s outbreak, medical schools started developing VR-based education and training content. Doctors are increasingly discussing introducing telemedicine fully. Hospitals and healthcare businesses are working on metaverse-related technologies.

The high interest in the metaverse was proved last month when over 200 medical experts joined the Medical Metaverse Study Group (MMSG), launched by professors from the Seoul National University College of Medicine.

Park Chul-kee, the first chairperson of MMSG, a professor at the SNU College of Medicine’s Neurosurgery, said the group would handle new technologies that the medical community is paying attention to. “It will be the world’s first attempt to focus on the metaverse as a ‘platform’ that integrates new medical technologies,” he said.

Park forecast that as AR, VR, AI, and 3D-printing technologies advance rapidly, people will soon face the “medical metaverse era.”

MMSG will find ways to help clinicians and medical school faculties embrace medical metaverse properly, he said. It will also make efforts to revise the relevant legal system so that the medical metaverse can become feasible.


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