In a historic move, Africarare, Africa’s first metaverse, has joined forces with non-profit organisation Innovation Africa to help deliver clean drinking water to people across the continent. The partnership seeks to empower rural communities by providing access to clean water and light, using Israeli solar, water and agricultural technologies, and in doing so, change lives through this innovative approach.

Despite progress made, more than 418 million people in Africa still lack basic access to drinking water. To help change this trajectory, Innovation Africa has delivered over 800 successful projects across 10 African countries since 2008, improving the lives of over 4 million people.

To further this mission, Africarare is creating a custom Innovation Africa village in Ubuntuland to showcase the organization’s life-changing work. Through this village, viewers can learn more about the technology used, experience the success stories and witness the impact of their life-changing work.

In addition, Africarare will be launching a unique collection of Water Drop NFTs called “Drops of Life.” The collection includes 5 water drops including Diamond, Gold, Silver, Platinum and Bronze, each with different attributes and variations based on the type of donation from the buyer. For example, the Diamond Drop will provide a village with water for life, and includes a physical trip to the village where water has been provided, to turn on the taps for the first time as well as a 3×3 village in Ubuntuland to view all data around the water production in 3d.

The ‘Drops of Life’ NFTs will be available mid 2023 and all the proceeds from the sales will be donated to support Innovation Africa’s ongoing projects.


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