The use of the metaverse is expanding as part of classes and extracurricular activities of universities in the city of Hiroshima.

By creating an avatar to represent yourself, it is possible communicate with others far away as if you are close together.

It also gives you the ability to look however you want, and move away from genders and attributes.

It has the potential for new uses, including giving children absent from school a virtual gathering place.

Supporting children absent from school

“While being absent from school, I didn’t have the opportunity to speak with people other than my family, and I was spending days feeling distressed and depressed,” said a 16-year-old first-year high school student from Hiroshima who goes by the name of Noa.

But things changed, as she took part in a program held last fall in a metaverse setting to support those absent from school. “I could spend quality time while feeling relaxed,” she said.

A local group organized the program to make a place for such students, and three people ultimately attended.


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