SK Telecom, a South Korean telecom company, has been developing proprietary technologies in augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR), and in 2021, it was able to launch its new metaverse service called the ifland.

SK Telecom proceeded to work on making ifland accessible to the global audience while also creating an ecosystem for mixed reality (MR) in the company’s homeland – S. Korea. Its goal is to launch the ifland metaverse platform in 80 countries this year, and now SK Telecom is close to fulfilling this plan.

As per The Korea Economic Daily, SK Telecom has already completed the development of ifland’s English version, and it has also worked on various countries’ regulations, policies, and characteristics as it prepares to roll out its metaverse service worldwide.

The company also sought out staff in each country, and they were tasked to set up plans based on their localities’ policies for smooth operations once the ifland metaverse is launched. SKT is moving forward with its metaverse platform launch in other countries as it sees the virtual space as its new growth engine on the global stage.


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