Streaming giant Netflix has touched down in the Decentraland metaverse

The purpose is two-fold: promote its new action movie “The Gray Man,” featuring Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans, and explore new interactive ways that a brand can connect with fans virtually.

The film is a spy thriller, and Netflix’s 45-parcel Decentraland activation is aptly considered a “Metaverse Mission.” Decentraland recreated a landscape from the movie — a labyrinth that users must navigate by proving their knowledge about the movie’s plot along the way.

Blockworks demoed the experience, alongside Martin Shibuya, the art director at Decentraland Foundation and Diego Alvarez, the senior business developer at The Electric Factory, the programmers and architects behind the game. 

Upon entering the maze, users hear the film’s original music and protagonist Ryan Gosling’s instruction video.

In partnership with Netflix Latin America, Decentraland said the best way to access the metaverse was by replicating an actual scene from the movie. This not only attracts those who had already seen the movie, but also “boosts the users that happen to be in Decentraland playing in the maze and gets them to watch the film,” Shibuya said.

The month-long experiment is a way for big brands to enter the metaverse by renting out virtual land for a short, specific project, as opposed to purchasing it. According to Alvarez, the companies doing this today “are going to have a huge advantage tomorrow if they understand how this works and how people can interact” in the metaverse.


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