While the digital world is somewhat accessible to all, for many brands it can be a time consuming and costly venture to step into, leaving many startups and independents at a loss for how to enter this increasingly important market.

It is this element that new Web3 platform Madeium wants to tackle, with a mission to help everyone from athletes and influencers to designers and fashion brands get a foothold in the virtual assets sector.

Launched in partnership with Web3 tech provider Intertrust, the duo’s platform is looking to provide its users with access to authentication and verification methods for their digital products, something that it says is currently lacking in this newly developed area.

One of its defining features is Madeium’s ability to connect its 3D printed sneakers with blockchain ownership that can then be available through its marketplace, which is backed by Intertrust’s anti-counterfeiting technology and allows creators to retain on-chain royalties in the resale market.

source: https://fashionunited.uk/news/business/new-web3-platform-madeium-looks-to-support-brands-in-entering-the-metaverse/2023031768520

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