Software and hardware maker Nvidia has continued to make an entry into the metaverse technology space. The U.S.-based multinational company has unveiled updates for Omniverse, its real-time graphics collaboration platform, that will facilitate the creation of more realistic metaverse platforms and avatars.

According to a blog post, the new tools were announced during SIGGRAPH, a gathering of the world’s largest computer graphics experts held this week. The tools unveiled include new AI capabilities, simulations, and other creative assets.

Users of Nvidia’s Omniverse Kit and apps such as Nucleus, Audio2Face, and Machinima will have access to all the paradigm-shifting updates.

“The next wave of Omniverse worlds is moving to the cloud — and new features for Omniverse Kit, Nucleus, PhysX, Audio2Face, and Machinima apps allow users to better build physically accurate digital twins and realistic avatars, and redefine how virtual worlds are created and experienced,” the post said.


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