Artificial intelligence is dominating tech headlines lately thanks to OpenAI’s advancing GPT models and competitors, and such models can generate text and media with alarming speed and accuracy. They may revolutionize many industries and experiences—and one Web3 metaverse app has already found a way to tap into the technology.

Oncyber, a 3D world-building platform that supports a wide array of NFTs and is used by Web3 creators and communities, revealed this week that it has developed an AI-powered tool called Magic Composer that lets users customize their environments via text commands.

It’s like using ChatGPT—and it runs on OpenAI’s GPT-3.5 model (not the brand new GPT-4)—but instead of returning well-curated information from the web, a poem or book report, or even functional blockchain code, Oncyber uses text prompts to implement real-time tweaks to its worlds.


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