Mixed reality devices are at the heart of the metaverse experience. Significant advancements in display technology are required to bring this vision to life. Samsung Display is reportedly receiving demand for OLED microdisplays from major clients.

The OLED microdisplay technology isn’t something entirely new for Samsung Display. The company revealed a prototype OLED microdisplay over a decade ago in 2011.about:blank

Samsung’s metaverse strategy is riding on this display tech

Despite the fact that Samsung Display made a prototype, it never commercialized this technology. However, it’s believed that the company has kept a small team of researchers around. They have continued to develop research on this technology in case Samsung Display needed to commercialize it in the future.

The company previously decided against commercializing this technology as it was believed that the profitability wouldn’t be too good. That might be changing. There’s a strong interest in OLED microdisplay technology from the likes of Apple, Meta, Samsung Electronics, and others. They’ve been reaching out to Samsung Display for OLED microdisplays.

LG Display is reportedly working on its own OLED microdisplay commercialization plans. This might also force Samsung Display’s hand to jump into the market. With shipments of AR/VR headsets expected to increase from 10 million units last year to 25 million units by next year, and possibly reaching 60 million units by 2027, there may now be significant depth in the market for Samsung Display to consider manufacturing OLED microdisplays.

Source: https://www.sammobile.com/news/samsung-display-make-oled-microdisplays-meet-metaverse-demand/

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