Dubai, United Arab Emirates – Sophia Technologies, an EdTech company dedicated to the development of immersive learning experiences, has been announced as one of the winners of the Somnium Space Creators Fund.

The Somnium Space Creators Fund has announced the selection of Sophia Metaverse Education to develop their immersive education experience. The Somnium Creators Fund is a partnership between Somnium Space, Winklevoss Capital & Vinny Lingham amongst others in the space, designed to fund groundbreaking disruptive projects and innovative creators who are building for the digital economy. 

The company will use the award to develop their Metaverse Education experience, ‘Athenaverse’, which is designed to give students a more immersive and interactive learning environment.  The project, which is based on the blockchain-based virtual world of Metaverse, will provide a unique learning environment for students around the world.

This is a major recognition for Sophia’s innovative and personalised approach to education in the Metaverse, which utilises 3D environments, 3D models and virtual reality. Sophia allows students to explore and learn in ways that were previously impossible, and this recognition enables us to continue with our mission of providing the best possible education for users in the Metaverse.

Founded by Melissa McBride in 2018, Sophia Technologies brings a wealth of experience in developing educational content and applications. The company plans to use the proceeds from the Creators Fund to continue their development of an interactive and immersive learning platform that will allow students to explore new worlds and learn about different cultures from inside the Metaverse.

Sophia CEO, Melissa McBride stated “T

his investment will help us take our Metaverse Education platform to the next level, drive Metaverse Education in the UAE and provide students with an unparalleled learning experience.”


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