From my experience, generation Z seem to have a burning lust for quick and easy money. This is evident in TikTok side hustle trends, investment and crypto currency.

In actuality, these trends make generation Z more vulnerable.

Many students are optimistic about building a future, with no one depending on them. So, right now, generation Z student are often the pioneers who jump head-first into new opportunities without a second thought.

Generation Z have been the wave that carried advancements such as video streaming, social media, and online gaming to unprecedented heights, making companies such as TikTok household names. So surely the next big tech revolution should be backed by us as well, right?

In late October of 2021, Mark Zuckerberg broke the internet when he announced that Facebook would not only be rebranding itself as ‘Meta’, but that it would also be opening a multi-million dollar department dedicated to creating the world’s first fully immersive metaverse.

But even now in 2022, the majority of generation Z are yet to adopt the concept of the metaverse into their lives. This is no surprise considering the barriers to entry are so high.


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