On its face, the term metaverse implies a single place. This might seem to mean that the metaverse has to be experienced by everyone in the same way. Yet the reality is that users can and should experience the metaverse in different ways. 

And when one closely examines Extended Reality (XR), the core technology that most people use to access the metaverse, it quickly becomes apparent there are a spectrum of XR technologies, each of which delivers a different metaverse experience.

This XR spectrum includes:

  • Virtual reality (VR), which attempts, as much as possible today, to plunge users into an all-digital, fully immersive metaverse experience.
  • Augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality (MR) whereby the metaverse augments or is mixed with the user’s experience of physical reality.
  • Assisted reality, whereby small, bite-sized amounts of digital content provide the user with an intentionally limited metaverse experience designed to assist them in the completion of real-world tasks without interfering with their situational awareness. 

This spectrum of XR technologies allows digital transformation leaders to develop and deploy a wide variety of metaverse applications, and ensure that each one delivers its user – be they a CEO in an office, business line director in a meeting room, or frontline worker in the field – a metaverse experience that engages, empowers, and elevates them, without compromising workplace safety.

Source: https://readwrite.com/xr-spectrum-delivers-variety-of-metaverse-experiences/

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