Innovation disrupts the status quo to build another status quo; rinse and repeat. We have witnessed multiple computing platform shifts in the last 30 years. Each technology paradigm shift opened new frontiers for building innovative products and services. Mobile evolution, for instance, expanded the possibilities in social networking, ride-hailing and work collaboration. The new paradigm shift is metaverse. It is the latest gateway to the internet, made up of persistent, shared, programmable 3-D virtual environments linked to a perceived virtual universe via augmented reality and virtual reality devices. As a programmable collection of virtual experiences, metaverse will radically change how we perceive the internet by making it more immersive.

This paradigm shift opens up opportunities to innovate in extended reality devices, chips, processors, haptics, displays, software development platforms, games, consumer applications and enterprise applications. The previous decade gave rise to the app store and crypto entrepreneurs; the coming decade will pave the way for metaverse entrepreneurs.

For the companies building metaverse, it is vital to capture market share and create intellectual property moats (IP moats) in this new paradigm.


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