Telcos will be front and center when it comes to providing networking infrastructure to make the metaverse work. Early requirements for the metaverse suggest that Communication Service Providers (CSPs) have a lot more work to do before the metaverse can operate, however. 

To look at how cellular networks will support the metaverse, let’s look at how cellular networks are supporting metaverse efforts today.

Telefónica, TIM Group, and Deutsche Telekom (DT) collaborated with DoubleMe to create HoloVerse based on TwinWorld, DoubleMe’s extant metaverse platform. Their efforts focused on testing edge-based 5G telco cloud network infrastructure for its metaverse suitability. The three carriers, operating in Spain, Italy, and Germany respectively, collaborated under the aegis of the GSMA as part of the Telco Edge Cloud consortium to carry out tests on HoloVerse through the end of 2021.

David Moro, Telefónica’s head of network service platforms, said his company’s goal was to create a new communication service based on the concept. 

“Using the TwinWorld platform, we can test the possibility of a real-world metaverse in 5G telco edge cloud,” Moro added.


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