The technological revolution, unlike anything we have experienced so far best sums up promises made around the metaverse. In essence, it represents a collection of virtual worlds, designed by companies and individuals with the goal of changing how we connect and interact both socially and professionally. 

Estimates are made that this new opportunity is worth trillions of dollars, but whether it reaches its potential is the subject of various debates. The following three stocks could possibly be the leaders in the new space so it is worth keeping a close eye on them.

Snap is the parent company of Snapchat, a popular social media platform focused on camera technology. They have a unique twist on the metaverse which could have them in the drivers seat if the technology takes off. 

Snap’s goal is to blend the virtual world with the real one using augmented reality via wearable technology. More specifically augmented reality would project digital experiences into the customer’s vision while they perform their daily activities. This would be achieved using “Spectacles”, wearable glasses designed by the company. 


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