Studying in the metaverse is picking up steam among students in South Korea, who feel it helps them concentrate better and keep pace with peers akin to studying together at a library or at a cafe.

Fast facts

  • Students preparing for school or national exams in South Korea are teaming up with each other in the metaverse with their cameras and microphones turned on, according to local media. They then proceed with the study plan they have for the day.
  • Users feel studying with others on the metaverse helps them keep track of the progress made, the media reports said.
  • Another user told local media that they feel more comfortable than studying at a library or a study room, with there being no need to wear masks or to watch the noise level.
  • One of the more visited metaverses for this purpose is Tagroom, a domestic platform built solely for users who want a virtual environment to accommodate their studying practices.
  • Meanwhile, Korea’s internet giant Kakao has retracted its plan to endorse a metaverse working system — working remotely while staying connected via the metaverse — from July. 
  • Kakao employees claimed the new system is too obtrusive, especially for employees who were asked to be connected with their teammates in audio during the required working hours of 1 p.m. to 5 p.m.


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