Organizations entering, creating and selling in the metaverse will benefit enormously from understanding the perspective of developers and how the challenges impacting them will ultimately have repercussions.

Currently, three specific issues standout:

  1. the demand to prioritize time with the metaverse developer community over focusing on algorithms;
  2. the escalating anti-Zuckerberg sentiment felt by artists that will influence the development of the metaverse; and
  3. the continued calls for greater accountability as keeping track of the blockchain changes — as do the actions of wallet watchers.

While executives may view these as downstream problems, each poses a risk to companies attempting to maximize opportunities in the metaverse. Organizations can learn how to strengthen their relationship with metaverse developers, produce better metaverse experiences and content, as well as overcome hurdles that would otherwise compromise long-term return on investment.

Developer issue #1: Prioritizing time

Executives who value time should be able to empathize with metaverse developers. There are the expected responsibilities – the enormous amount of time and energy and attention to detail that must go into the actual development of the virtual space – as well as the lesser acknowledged demands of networking, constant education, and pursuit of the latest information in a ceaselessly evolving space.

Beyond being fixated on a screen in creation mode, developers are required to learn endlessly in a similar way doctors and dentists are required to update their knowledge of a practice or field while also being expected to attend to patients. While companies want the best virtual experience for their customers and employees, the ability for developers to actually construct such a dynamic world is challenged by the time demands they face in the real world.


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