Digital, cloud and advisory service provider Avanade is exploring how the metaverse can help healthcare providers reimagine hospital operations

The metaverse is the current buzzword in the tech industry, with businesses within multiple verticals planning to shift towards the emerging infrastructure to drive value. One such area is healthcare, with providers looking to personalise and enhance patient and clinician care experiences.

Using immersive and data science capabilities, Avanade offers a personalised digital experience using extended reality technologies to merge the digital and the physical worlds. An expert in Microsoft immersive technologies, Avanade works with clients to transform these realms into mixed reality, which will allow for access to the metaverse in the future in the same way as we would access the internet today.

Benefits for healthcare driving interest

Just like the advent of telehealth and mobile device integration in the past, the Metaverse stands to be a massive gamechanger for healthcare. While this concept dates back to the 1990’s, the metaverse is rapidly becoming a real avenue for healthcare organisations and providers to explore in large part to the maturity of the technology designed to support it.

“The technologies supporting the metaverse are reaching a stage of maturity, moving from experimental stages to being operational. Opportunities are becoming real,” said Bruno Fernandes dos Anjos, Manager and Mixed Reality & Immersive Technology Specialist at Avanade.


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