Making physical time for love and intimacy can be challenging, especially when we are distracted by the things that place a demand on our time. And the many options that come with alternative connections through social networking platforms and other tech don’t make it any easier; if anything, they blur the line between the real and the unreal.

What do you do when Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and you want to get your love a gift they will appreciate, but you can’t ask them since that will ruin the surprise? Or you’re miles away from the love of your life, and the best you could manage is a virtual call, but you craved for more?

The only sane options would be to engage the services of your lover’s friends and acquaintances or wait till the next time you can see the love of your life. 

Now imagine a future where all these become less of an option because several innovations finding solutions to real-life problems are coming at us fast?

Here are some ideas you could consider to have a swell Valentine’s Day while we await those days.


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