Candice Houtekier, the Toronto-based founder and director of digital marketing agency Art Collision, wants to merge art with technology and make Web3 a more inclusive place.

In contrast with Web1 (the early days of the Internet) or Web2 (the rise of social media), Web3 is the latest, most participatory iteration of the Internet, featuring NFTs (non-fungible tokens), cryptocurrencies and the metaverse – a digital space accessed by virtual and augmented reality.

Originally from France, Ms. Houtekier’s creative journey started with video games.

“I was into adventure and RPG [role-playing games] and was excited to try to understand why I liked getting lost when playing,” she says.

Having moved to Canada to complete a master’s degree at l’Université de Montreal with a focus on art history and video games, Ms. Houtekier worked in commercial art galleries in Toronto after graduating. At the same time, she discovered blockchain and began to collect NFTs.


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