Dubai, United Arab Emirates —  Video games are now the first choice of entertainment for people ages 13 to 17—ranking above social media, TV, music or any other form of media—according to a new study by Bain & Company. These young gamers are currently spending more time and money in the metaverse than older gamers, and they expect to increase the amount of time they spend there in the future.

“There has been a lot of buzz, and plenty of confusion, among the business community on what the metaverse is and how it will shift commerce and life into the digital realm,” said Andre James, Global Head of Bain & Company’s Media & Entertainment Practice. “Meanwhile, young gamers have been paving the future of the metaverse. They have adopted to metaverse-style games, often preferring to socialize with friends in games more than in person. They are increasingly comfortable with virtual reality, so even those that don’t currently play in the metaverse are likely to do so in the future.”

“The preferences and demands of gamers are changing, especially as the thin line between the digital and real worlds recedes. The metaverse has attracted many young gamers who are looking for an immersive experience, which allows them to socialize and become active creators in the game. In fact, half of young gamers prefer to spend time virtually with their friends in games over meeting in-person,” said Samer Bohsali, Partner at Bain & Company Middle East.


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