The webinar is jointly organized by and will be held on 17 August at 9 am ET, 2 pm UK and 5 pm UAE

According to Sharad Agarwal, Founder of, “The major aim of Web3 is to give back the internet power to the users instead of companies. To achieve this, Web 3 makes use of blockchain and cryptocurrency technology to create a form of ownership. More than technology, Web3 is a mindset. In order to succeed in Web3, leaders need to change the Web2 mindset and look at the future with a fresh set of eyes!”

Web 3.0 as we have familiarised ourselves in the last 2 years, is known to be the next iteration or stage of the web (internet).

The term was first coined by Gavin Wood in 2014, a co-founder of Ethereum. He believed that it will be a decentralised ecosystem where services will move away from a centrally hosted service provider, and move towards a purely algorithmic governance, and is visible and managed by everybody.

Today, we are at the beginning of the innovation curve and many companies are seeking to prepare themselves for the evolution from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0.

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Date: 17 August at 9 am ET, 2 pm UK and 5 pm UAE

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