DAO MFC is excited to announce the launch of the Metaverse Fashion Summit and MFC 100 rating

Metaverse Fashion Summit will bring together the biggest names in the fashion&technology industry to discuss and develop the future, policies, standards, and rules of metaverse fashion. With the help of DAO MFC, the Metaverse Fashion Summit will be the first event of its kind to be decentralized and held across multiple metaverses and physical platforms.

We will invite the most influential and motivational speakers from the Metaverse Fashion Industry, as well as organize creative events and presentations.

There will also be a Demo Day where startups, projects, and entrepreneurs will meet angel investors and venture capitalists.
On October 28, there will be an awards ceremony to honor the 100 most important and influential players and projects of 2022.

Metaverse Fashion 100
Top 10 Achievements across 10 Inspiring Categories:

Top 10 metaverse fashion BRANDS – brands with the most impressive projects, solutions, initiatives, and campaigns in 2022
Top 10 metaverse FASHION PROJECTS, shows, and NFT collections
Top 10 most interesting STARTUPS to launch in 2022 (minimum pre-seed stage)
Top 10 VCs investing in Metaverse Fashion in 2022
Top 10 most fascinating and significant EVENTS in Metaverse Fashion 2022
Top 10 WEB3 marketing/public relations/consultancy AGENCIES – the most innovative, creative, and reputable firms in Metaverse Fashion
Top 10 Experience PLATFORMS for immersive engagement across Metaverse Fashion projects and initiatives
Top 10 AVATARS created on any platform
Top 10 MEDIA OUTLETS in the world covering Metaverse Fashion, including websites, magazines, blogs, newsletters, and podcasts
Top 10 NON-PROFIT projects promoting women’s empowerment and investment in the metaverse, as well as sustainability

Date: October 26, 2022 5:00 pm

Register at https://www.linkedin.com/events/6956158872214540288/

source: https://metaverseeventscalendar.com/event/metaverse-fashion-summit/

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