This isn’t another Zoom meeting. Virtual Reality Marketing and Reality Innovators Network welcome you to a Metaverse Networking event in AltspaceVR.

Come and join us in the Metaverse: network with industry professionals, listen to our speakers and meet them in person – or simply just hang out and have a great time!
We’re bringing together XR professionals, entrepreneurs and tech creatives in an immersive experience.

Everyone’s invited, you can join AltspaceVR from your PC or Mac or get an even better experience with a VR headset!

Check out speakers, details and make sure to subscribe at

AltspaceVR – code: MJF919

VIRTUAL REALITY MARKETING (VRM) was founded in 2015 to help innovative companies research, explore and discover like-minded XR partners. Since then VRM has expanded its services to include business consulting, referrals and marketing partnerships. (

VRM REALITY INNOVATORS NETWORK (RIN) is the largest Metaverse, VR/AR/XR community on LinkedIn with over 60,000 members! Look for fresh posts, new case studies, lots of great information and networking. Join us and contribute to the community!

Date: July 13, 2022 10:00 pm

Register for free at


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