This is how the metaverse is constantly reinventing and improving itself – all the while by making a difference in your life.

1. In automobile training and manufacturing, manufacturers such as BMW create virtual reality digital twins in their factories to make manufacturing processes more streamlined and efficient. Using digital twins, companies can have access to even the most obscure data and factor it into their plans for manufacturing. This ensures that cars are delivered to your dealership faster, and even contributes to lowering costs of manufacture through efficient workflows which save money.

On the training side of things, technicians and attendants can train using virtual reality programmes which can be customised, scaled up, and deployed at the drop of a hat. These programmes also cost less money and can additionally be made with cross-device functionality.

2. Metaverse companies are also evolving to include airlines by developing metaverse solutions for chatbots and virtual assistants. These will be VR/AR-powered assistants which customers and travelers can use to order in-flight meals, or buy products at airport shops. These assistants would act as centralised touchpoints uniting airports and airlines around the customer. For example, Qatar Airways’ VR experience features a ‘meta-human’ cabin crew guide called ‘Sama’ who guides users through the check-in process and walks them through the plane.


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