Welcome to the Overworld of the metaverse! Find a comfy spot, select your preferences, and build your avatar, as we are only just getting started. But, if you take a look around, you’ll see a world taking shape: metaverse participants of all kinds — from fashion to government to therapy clinics — are beginning to mine for resources.

At the same time, metaverse enablers across the tech and telecommunications sectors craft the building blocks. That’s why I let my daughter play games like Minecraft — those world-building skills will be powerful for her generation as the metaverse becomes a hub for connection, ideas, and trade.

But what is in Metaverse Exploration for you? At the surface level of the metaverse, it’s hard to grasp the long-term benefits on the horizon. Of course, every participant has a unique idea of where the metaverse mission will take them, but rest assured that most roads lead to diamonds.

source: https://readwrite.com/spawning-in-new-worlds-exploration-of-the-metaverse-through-new-skins/

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