The Free Republic of Liberland had all the attributes of a nationality when it was launched in 2015. The micronation, located on three square miles of No Man’s Land between Croatia and Serbia, had its own flag, a coat of arms, established by the moderate Czech politician Vit Jedlika. , a national anthem, and a digital currency called Liberland Merit.

Of course, its legitimacy was all based on renderings — content crowdsourced to a startup nation, sent in by people who were impressed by Jedliska’s audacious gamble.

In January, Liberland unveiled its most dazzling and arguably most convincing proposal ever. Working with Patrick Schumacher of Zaha Hadid Architects, Jedlika portrays his country as the crypto paradise of the future through a fully realized city in the metaverse. Picture a National Assembly Hall, a buzzing NFT market, office towers—all done up in Hadid’s trademark swoon, swoon-worthy architectural style.

“It was time to turn the ideas into something more concrete,” explained Jedlika when we met in Liberland’s virtual assembly hall via a forum called Mightverse. “It’s important to show the world that we are serious about starting development in Liberland.”


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