Immersive media and technologies like augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR) and the Metaverse are a hot, hot topic these days. Long gone are the days when marketers could dismiss these technologies as a fad or as applications not ready for the mass market. With many technology heavy-hitters like Meta (Facebook) and Apple racing to be the first to offer a truly seamless immersive experience, there appears to be little doubt that we will get this technology into the hands of the mainstream.

According to, there are already 1 billion active AR users worldwide, and the number will almost double by 2024. As marketers continue to break through the noise facing consumers 24/7, understanding and embracing new immersive technologies can be an effective way to engage and delight audiences.

Everyone responsible for communicating with and engaging audiences needs a baseline understanding of these new tools. From the CMO to the marketing manager to the content creator, the first step is to know the difference between AR, VR, XR (extended reality), and the communications capabilities provided by each flavor of this new immersive media.

Online training options for marketers

Most of the training provided today is focused on developing immersive content and is not relevant for marketers and strategists looking to leverage this technology for their campaigns. However, this is shifting as more brand marketing teams embrace immersive tactics. I have scoured the internet and curated my top picks for marketing-focused immersive technology courses to provide a baseline understanding of the technology. This list is by no means comprehensive but a great place to start your knowledge of these new forms of communication.


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